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DaParagraph  is a creative strategic marketing and graphic design agency. Our core competencies include business communications services: corporate identity programs, branding, packaging, SEO, social media campaigns and websites design.

DaParagraph  is celebrating 7 years in the industry working with well-known brands with clients from the American, Australia and Middle East countries. Since opening our doors in 2015, we have had the pleasure of working alongside companies such as Alfatihasolutions (Hospitality Services), CompuGeorge (Tech Security), Wicked Sinister Smokehouse (Food Industry), Proud Cleaning (Cleaning Services) etc. 

Thank you
H M Raihan Farooq
CEO: daparagraph.com


Our projects follow a proven four-step process to ensure quality and consistency.  We place a great deal of importance on initial discovery, rather than diving straight into the design process.  At DaParagraph, we begin our creative process by collecting information of client’s need, then we start research and planning. Only once we feel confident that we have a strong understanding of our client’s brand infrastructure, do we proceed to the next stage.

The main objective of this step is to create a strategy aimed towards our clients’ business goals and objectives. Our team of specialists explore all potential possibilities. Our brainstorming process involves cross interpersonal collaboration with strategy, messaging, design and marketing. This process helps inspire solutions outside one’s expertise. By the end of this stage, we have discovered and rendered what we believe to be the best roadmap to move the project forward.

Once our team has closely gathered the required information, the execution stage allows us to evolve our ideas to fulfillment. Depending on the nature of the project, whether it is print, web design, social media and marketing campaign, our team would execute according to the required specifications. Attention and focus to the most minute details continue to work in this stage.

During this final stage, our team rolls back to the initial discovery to compare the deliverables and measure the final outcome. Slight adjustments, refinements are made and we build upon the project. Furthermore, we gather client feedback coupled with relevant data to analyze the success of the project.